About Us

We started out as aquarium hobbyists interested in breeding fish. Throughout the years, we gain learned experience that feeding live meals were best at producing healthy, fast growing, and gonadaly mature brood fish with higher yield in eggs and resulting offspring in comparison to fish fed on a synthetic food diet.  We then got started in growing daphnia, mainly because it was an easy freshwater specie that can be grown in jars and containers.  Daphnia species also have a 40 to 60% protein content, many essential vitamins, and other beneficial mineral compositions.  We produced daphnia large enough in quantities to be fed to many different species of fish that we raised. The results in all of the fish we kept throughout the years were remarkable; in vibrant colors, health, activeness, disease resistance, etc.  Hence, we would like to offer the daphnia we raise and pass them on to you so that you can grow them and feed them to your fish.  Or, if you are a school teacher educating a class of students and needed a daphnia culture simply for an experiment, examination, research, and/or class study, then we are your go to source in getting what you need.